Julialightning is a blonde she-cat with blue eyes. All Ninja Powers.

Warrior of


Julia(Julialightning) was born to Mia and Luke with a twin brother Hunter(Hunterlightning). Three moons old she got adpoted brother name Blake(Blakethunder). Two moons later she got a younger sister name Allie(Alliestone) also her parents were killed by Lothor and Cothor. She left to go to Wind Ninja Academy in NinjaClan.

Two moons later she found out her brothers and sister also join in Thunder Ninja Academy.

She was in many battles aganist Evil Ninja.

Moons later. She went to a gathering seeing that her haft the other side of her clan.

She went to the gathering and watch as all of the clans came in. She went to Thunder Ninja Adcemy to see why they weren't there at the gathering and meet her neice Lucykit.

Leads an attack against Evil Ninjas and her crush gets kidnape.



Mia: desecend verfied in Lost Ninjas


Luke: desecend verfied in Lost Ninjas


Hunterlightning: alive in Evil Ninjas/ NinjaClan TNA

Blakethunder: alive in Evil Ninjas/ NinjaClan TNA


Alliestone: alive in Evil Ninjas/ NinjaClan TNA


Lucykit: alive


Julialightning is a smart, brave, stronge, and warm-hearted.


  • She is a haft-clan cause she was born as a loner.
  • She will have a mate and kits.