Evil Ninjas are cats that are evil and kidnape cats and groups like Dustinroot and Thunder Ninja Acdemy.

Own by Scarpaw



Lothor: black tom with brown eyes and grey stripes. RPed by Scarpaw.

Cothor: grey tom with brown eyes and black stripes. RPed byy Scarpaw.


See NinjaClan of the side of Thunder Ninja Acdemy.

Marah: brown she-cat with blue eyes. RPed by Scarpaw.

Karpi: blondle she-cat with green eyes. RPed by Scarpaw.

Teeth: white tom with blue eyes. RPed by Scarpaw.

Blood: black tom with red eyes. RPed by Scarpaw.

Ridgenape: black tom with green eyes. RPed by Scarpaw.

RPG CenterEdit

Teeth, Blood, and Blakethunder came back from the battle with Dustinroot.Julialightning yowls, "ATTACK NinjaClan." 03:26, July 10, 2012 (UTC)


Nobody can roleplay right now in NinjaClan, EarthClan, Evil Ninjas, WaterClan, and FireClan cause of the battle that's going on between the them.

You can role-play again after the battle. Thanks.Julialightning yowls, "ATTACK NinjaClan." 21:02, July 17, 2012 (UTC)

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